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The company was founded in 2008 and ever since, it has slowly flourished into the successful professional business that we have today.

“We help you get around” same as a compass! Did you know that the symbol used in our logo is an old viking runic symbol which represents a compass?


“As the owner of this Business I can honestly state that my dream has come true. Having the opportunity to pursue this career that I love with all my heart and to offer this kind of services to all of those interested, makes me believe that everything is possible if you really work for it. Being able to connect and share my interests and knowledge with people of all cultures is one of the things that I love the most about this job.”

Lesley Bernardi

Born in Brazil, granddaughter of Italians and Germans, married, 2 kids, actress and business administrator, passionated for theatre, video-games, arts and gastronomy. Cosmopolitan, after living in different Countries in Europe and North America decided to establish herself in Malmo, spontaneous she speaks French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, English and Norwegian. She has been tour guiding in Oslo and Copenhagen region since 2017 with experience also as a tour leader and VIP clients.


“I enjoy working as a tour guide very much. Sharing that much knowledge about these wonderful places is exciting, fulfilling and a unique experience every time. I work with fabulous people. Each of us has our own experiences in life and a particular relationship with these places but we have one common goal: give the best of ourselves to make your experience an amazing and unforgettable one."


I work as a tour guide in Copenhagen because I love this beautiful city and its incredible history. My wish is that all of our guests have the best experiences possible. I'm a Construction Architecture student who enjoys reading, music and skateboarding."

Rosalina V. Calva

I have always believed that it's through travel that we learn the most, some of the most profound experiences I have experienced had been while travelling, I have met locals from the places I have visited who have told me about their lifestyle, beliefs, culture and history. I am a big fan of Copenhagen and I would love to share some of the stories of this land with other travellers, so they can learn something new and fall in love with this wonderful capital too.

Sophie Heerlein

For me Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Not just the old architecturalbuildings, the interesting and eventful history and the Norse mythology, but also the Danish lifestyle and people of Copenhagen create a unique experience. I would love to share my knowledge, and hope that after your stay you will be as passionate about Copenhagen as I am. About me, I am from Germany and moved to Denmark for my studies.

Lina Thun

As a student I am lucky to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I want to share it with YOU. Working as a tour guide is giving me the opportunity to see people from all over the world falling in love with Copenhagen, while sharing my knowledge about history and the life here. The interaction and exchange of information with a variety of cultures is one of the things I value about my job.

Flavio Gambino

We are living in the era of smartphones and social networks. We have forgotten what it means to look up and appreciate the wonders that surround us. When I first realized it I understood how important is nowadays to connect people as much as possible, certainly not through a screen. That's why for me being an Italian tourist guide in Copenaghen means re-evaluating and narrating aloud what our cultural heritage quietly tells us. That's also why I'd love to make you smile and surprised, showcasing facts and historical gems, being myself a fantastic storyteller with a warm sense of humor. See you on the tour!

Omayra Nasution

Moving to Copenhagen after pursuing my Master Degree in Business Communication in Netherland is a new challenging situation. However, new challenges are always something that I look for. While learning the language and enjoying life in Denmark, I am delighted to work as a tour guide, sharing my knowledge from an intensive training about the rich history and culture of Denmark, it’s beautiful architecture and art. Meeting new people from all over the world and be the part of someone happiest holiday memories are advantages that I am very happy about.

Ana Laura Peralta

It is a great adventure to be a tour guide because you share with other people everything you know about the places and also you learn with each new experience. I wish that each person enjoy their trip and take away very good memories.

Bozena Odobasic

As a student in Copenhagen enjoying my time here, I want to show others the wonders of Copenhagen, both modern and the history of it. I am from Croatia and as part of Europe's rich culture, we have shared history together. As a tour guide I both want to bring this history closer to others and find out more about it myself. I hope any tour we have together can be an exchange of memories and experiences! I wish you a lovely stay in Denmark!